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About and Features

Founded in June 2017.  We are a dedicated community of experienced crypto traders with an emphasis on Bitmex. Over 7,500 members and growing, with about 1,500 online at any given time.

We are a community and not a signals group. Cryptopolis will always be free. We don't even shill a ref link. :)

Large Market Orders Reporting

Live reporting of large market orders occurring on BitMEX in the main channel. Threshold currently set for 1,000,000+ contracts.

Live BitMEX REKT and OKex Liquidations

Live reporting of BitMEX and OKEx liquidations in the main channel. Threshold currently set for 500,000+ contracts for BitMEX and 5,000+ contracts for OKEx.

Media embedding and Direct Messaging

Unlike exchange trollboxes, the ability to embed charts and other media into the chat as well as the ability to direct private message other members.

Other features:

- MTGOX Trustee fund movements alerts
- BitMEX swap funding reminders
- Hourly BTC sentiment polls
- Periodic BTC Mempool stats reporting
- Live reporting of new Tether issuances
- Airdrops and Forks information

-  Live reporting of news and tweets from major crypto exchanges as well as influential crypto personalities.